Designing for the retail sector

In our experience retail store design is some of the most difficult design work you can do but the most satisfying if you get it right. This can be see in some of the most exquisite store designs you’ll see in the UK.

Some of our favourites include shoe store designs, computer store designs, and, of course, this exquisite bedroom furniture retailer. It has everything, in particular on the lighting front; the lights are soft and dim and give you good ambiance. The colour of the furniture, too, has an overall design that compliments the space inside.

However, there are many options for the designing of store detail and one look doesn’t suit everyone. If you have a coffee shop, for instance, rich brown colors, lush greens that remind of the tropics, and warm color work great. They reflect the look, feel and taste of coffee and, actually make people spend more money.

This is a point that is often overlooked. A well designed store interior actually encourages people to spend more money. This is why it’s such a wise business decision to invest in good interior designing. If you’re a franchise, it’s even more important. A consist theme between your stores will give you brand identity that will be easily recognized by customers. This will help them spread the word about your store and is a crucial part of growing your business.

Of course interior design doesn’t come cheap. Professionals can charge thousands to do your store and this isn’t always in everyone’s budget. But there are also resources on the internet which can help you choose the interior design of your choice for your beloved store.

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